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I'm Dorothée
AKA dow_dow.


The most Belgian Parisian you'll ever meet, I've been living in Brussels for sixteen years, no less! When you like the humorous "bons vivants" and mayo so much, you have no choice. Thanks to my different experiences, I have strengthened my listening and understanding skills, so I adapt easily. I approach each project with motivation and efficiency. Reactivity is my thing. I like to move forward quickly and well. My years of work have given me an aesthetic sense, autonomy and knowledge of branding and web design. I am certainly a freelancer but not a loner, around me gravitate developers, digital strategists, writers and illustrators.


Becoming a graphic designer doesn't happen overnight.
Two years of preparatory classes in Paris at the Ateliers de Sèvres, a bachelor's degree at ENSAV La Cambre, six months of internships in two renowned agencies in Brussels: XLs graphic & Codefrisko... And here I am, plunged into the world of independence, interspersed with two years at Nakami, a communications agency specialising in content writing.


Creativity - Responsiveness - Reliability - Efficiency - Sociability...
And I like people, that's the most important thing.


The basis for any self-respecting graphic designer: the Adobe Suite of course.
And then the little extras: Mailchimp & CMS.

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